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Lauren Sinclair


My Story

I am a freelance illustrator and graduate from Falmouth University with a BA in Illustration. I have a passion for children’s illustration, particularly in the form of illustrated books. I often like to include lessons or morals in the books that I design as I feel that picture books are the perfect place to introduce important or perhaps difficult themes in a way that is more accessible and fun for a young child. 

Whilst I do have a love for children's narrative I also have a keen interest in book cover design. Book covers give me a place to explore narrative and storytelling in a much more subtle and often conceptual way. I enjoy being able to hint at key elements of a tale without giving too much away as a way of enticing the reader in to want more. 

Illustration provides me with the opportunity to communicate ideas and thoughts. It gives me a voice in a creative world of endless possibility.  



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